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May Two-Four Weekend

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May Two-Four Weekend

The "May Two-Four weekend" (also known as the Victoria Day long weekend and May long weekend) is a Canadian statutory holiday to honour Queen Victoria's birthday — May 24, 1819. This year, the holiday falls on Monday, May 18.  

Many have argued over how to properly celebrate this weekend — does it celebrate beer or does it celebrate Queen Victoria? This debate is best illustrated by Kinnon Elliott Illustrations in this fantastic infographic: 

In Muskoka, this long weekend marks the kickoff of cottage season. Cottagers bring up a "two-four" (24 cans or bottles) of beer and open up their cottages for the summer season.


This also marks the start of the camping season for brave campers who pray for warm, dry weather for their first weekend of the year sleeping outdoors.

I know where my family and I will be: At the cottage — setting up the dock, getting out our Muskoka chairs, and starting to make bets about who will be the first one to take a dip in the cold water. Can't wait!

How do you celebrate May Two-Four with your family and friends? Do you think we should do less drinking and more allegiance pledging to the Queen? Or is it all about letting loose and celebrating after the end of a long, hard winter? Let us know in the comments below.


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