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Starbucks is coming to Huntsville, Muskoka

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Starbucks is coming to Huntsville, Muskoka

Starbucks in Huntsville Muskoka

The Huntsville Muskoka Starbucks is opening their doors in November 2019 and are welcomed with mixed reviews. Its new home will be located at the new Canadian Tire gas bar along King William Street, right in front of Huntsville Place Mall and walking distance from the Huntsville Hospital.  

Starbucks Huntsville Muskoka
Photo by James Wood/ staff.

Huntsville is booming with franchises in the last couple of years - today there are 4 Tim Hortons, 2 McDonalds, Walmart, Winners, Boston Pizza and our latest addition Pizza Hut - rumour has it that Taco Bell will be coming too. All these franchises were met with controversy but soon became part of the community. 

cottage, coffee, Starbucks, dock, Huntsville Muskoka, cottage lifeMany are asking why would we want an overpriced coffee shop. For those who have visited Starbucks know that it is not only popular for its high quality coffee and food but for the overall experience of the Starbuck's environment. They ensure their employees engage their customers and try to make it a very welcoming and predictable - aiming to be part of our daily lives. Starbucks would like to become a third place for us - after home and office. 

They also ensure their high quality coffee beans are ethically sourced and that they help improve the lives of the farmers who grow them.  Locally they are an active member in the community and take that responsibility very seriously.

Starbucks in Huntsville MuskokaAs Huntsville continues to grow, we are to be faced by many other franchises like Starbucks. These franchises will help provide more local jobs, boost our local economy and attract more people to the region. However, there is always a  threat to locally owned businesses because of the competition. Despite this, our Huntsville businesses do offer an unique experience and local Muskoka feel and charm- which a franchise can't replicate or compete with. 

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